domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Well perhaps you should stop.

Mary Boleyn: Anne.
Anne Boleyn: I meant to come sooner. I'm sorry I did not. I've been kept occupied.
Mary Boleyn: So I hear: amusing the king.
Anne Boleyn: Only that sister, I assure you; despite his best efforts...
Mary Boleyn: What, and not yours?
Anne Boleyn: How is it?
Mary Boleyn: The child is strong, gives me no rest, like his father.
Anne Boleyn: Do you feel as awful as you look? You know, in France, no woman would allow herself to get in such a state.
Mary Boleyn: Why did you come Anne, if all you desire is to torment me?
Anne Boleyn: Perhaps now you know how it feels: to be deceived by your sister.
Mary Boleyn: I did nothing.
Anne Boleyn: You stole the king away, and then you betrayed me over Henry Percy!
Mary Boleyn: If that's what you think fine tell yourself that!
Anne Boleyn: I did sister, every day and every night I was in exile.

King's Messenger: A gift, from the king.
Anne Boleyn: Give it to my sister.
King's Messenger: It's for you mistress Anne.
Anne Boleyn: Me? Then send it back! Immediately!
Anne Boleyn: How dare he! See? I have your interest at heart.
Mary Boleyn: Why? Why this cruelty? You know I love him.
Anne Boleyn: Well perhaps you should stop.

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) by Justin Chadwick

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