domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

I want to be left alone.

Eli: So you're back. I want to be left alone.
 Oskar: So do I.
 Eli: Then go home.
 Oskar: You go home, I've lived here way longer than you.
 Eli:  What's that? 
Oskar: This? It's a Rubik's cube.
 Eli: Is it some kind of puzzle?
 Oskar: Yeah... want to try? You can give it back tomorrow.
 Eli: I might not be here tomorrow.
 Oskar: The day after, then. But that's it.
 Eli: How do you do it?
 Oskar: You want each side to be a solid color. Like this... you smell funny. Aren't you cold?
 Eli: No.
 Oskar: Why not?
 Eli: I guess I've forgotten how.
 Oskar: See you tomorrow.
Låt den Rätte Komma in (2008) by Tomas Alfredson

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