domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

I can't be your friend.

Oskar: What are you staring at? Well? Are you looking at me? Well, fuck off! 
What's your problem? Are you scared? So, scream. Squeal!
 Eli: What are you doing?
 Oskar: Nothing. Do you live here?
 Eli:  Yeah... I live right here, in the jungle gym.
 Oskar: Seriously, where do you live?
 Eli: Next door to you.
 Oskar: How do you know where I live?
 Eli: Just so you know, I can't be your friend.
 Oskar: What do you mean?
 Eli: Does there have to be a reason? That's just the way it is.
 Oskar: Are you so sure that I want to be your friend?
Låt den Rätte Komma in (2008) by Tomas Alfredson

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