jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Harry & Me

Although he is a wizard hero and I a girl from the suburbs, Harry Potter is my friend. I have travelled with Harry from Privet Drive to Gringotts and Hogsmeade. I was there when he caught his first snitch, and I was there when he faced soul-sucking creatures called dementors. Even though I never found Platform 9 and 3/4, I have been to Hogwarts for six years. I have laughed with Harry whenever shenanigans occurred. I have cried with Harry when his friends had passed. Moreover, Harry has taught me the power of one’s own choice and the importance of love. As we both grew up, our lives mirrored one another’s, albeit the fact that Harry had to deal with Voldemort. Even if Harry was only a fictional character with fictional friends, living in a fictional world, for a cowardly child, I admired his undeniable courage and loyalty, and I hoped that, perhaps one day, I could be that brave.

For non-HP fans, all these emotional responses from HP lovers may seem ridiculous. But what they do not understand is that Harry and his friends have been with many of us since childhood. They come alive every time we open our Harry Potter books. And each fan has his/her own connection to Harry and his friends. I could list the many, many ways that Harry Potter has touched HP fans’ lives, but nothing can fully describe this legacy, nor can any future generation truly understand.

Although people have dubbed this last Harry Potter film as “the end,” Harry will live on in all who choose to remember him. Personally, as I go through my own transitionary period in my life, I know the lessons and memories from Harry Potter & co. will live on in my mind and heart.

So, thank you Harry Potter. You were, and always will be, magical.

- I didn't write this.

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Belsan dijo...

Hay cosas que nunca acaban, y Harry Potter es una de ellas. Nosotros tuvimos la suerte de conocerle cuando éramos niños como él, y nos hemos hecho adultos junto a él. Es uno de los amigos más fieles que podríamos tener. Y a pesar de lo que algunos quieran pensar, no es sólo una saga de libros infantiles, si no una historia épica y conmovedora sobre el poder del amor y de la voluntad, y del miedo a la muerte y cómo el amor trasciende más allá de ella. El día que salgamos de casa de nuestros padres a encontrarnos con la vida, Harry vendrá con nosotros, y allí estará, siempre.

(sep, yo también me he emocionado mucho ^^U)