miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Nothing ever gets better.

Evan: When we were kids, your dad was making a movie about "Robin Hood" or something...
Kayleigh Miller: What do you want to know, Evan?
Evan: Is... Did he... What happened in the basement?
Kayleigh Miller: Look, it was a long time ago. Is that why you came all the way back here? To ask a lot of stupid questions about "Robin Hood"?
Evan: No, I... I just think something really bad might of happened.
Kayleigh Miller: Is there a point to any of this?
Look... what ever happened, it wasn't our fault, we were kids. I mean, there is nothing that we could do to of deserved or could of done...
Kayleigh Miller: Just shut up, Evan, you're wasting your breath.
You can't hate yourself because you're dads a twisted freak.
Kayleigh Miller: Who are you trying to convince, Evan?
You come all the way back here to stir up my shit just because you have a bad memory? What? Do you want me to just cry on your shoulder and tell you everything's all better now? Well fuck you, Evan. Nothing's all better, okay? Nothing ever gets better. You know, if I was so wonderful Evan, why didn't you call me? Why did you just leave me here to rot?

The Butterfly Effect (2004) by Erick Bress & J. Mackye Gruber

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