martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

I thought I'd mistaken infatuation for love!

INT. CHINESE RESTAURANT - NIGHT  Joel finds himself eating Chinese food and sitting across from Clementine. He is ragged and jarred.
 JOEL I'm done, Clem. I'm just going to ride it out. Hiding is clearly not working.
 JOEL I want to enjoy my little time left with you.
 CLEMENTINE This is our first "date" date.
 JOEL Do you remember what we talked about?
 CLEMENTINE Naomi, I guess.
 JOEL Yeah.
 CLEMENTINE What was I wearing?
 JOEL God, I should know. Your hair was red. I remember it matched the wallpaper.
 CLEMENTINE Egad, were you horrified? 
JOEL No! I think you were wearing that black dress, y'know, with the buttons.
 She is wearing the black dress.
 CLEMENTINE No, you were with me when I bought that. At that place on East 6th.  It was later.
 INT. DRESS SHOP - SHOP The scene has already been erased. It's just a decayed husk. A vague Joel watches a vague Clementine model a black dress.
 INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT Clementine wears a generic black dress now.
 JOEL Right. Something black though.
 CLEMENTINE I'll buy that. Black's always good.
 JOEL We did talk about Naomi.
 CLEMENTINE I said: Are you sure? You seem unsure.
 JOEL I'm sure, I said.
 CLEMENTINE But you weren't.  I could tell.
 JOEL I was so nervous. I remember I couldn't think of anything to say. There were long silences.
 There is a long silence.
 JOEL I thought I was foolish. I thought I'd mistaken infatuation for love. You said:
 CLEMENTINE So what. Infatuation is good, too.
 JOEL And I didn't have an argument.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2003) by Charlie Kaufman

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