viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

The prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is.

Dean: Do you think I could sit down because all these other seats are taken?
Cindy: Okay...
Dean: Hey, thanks... You know I just talked to your grandmother... That sounds weird, huh?
Cindy: Yeah.
Dean: Okay let me put it into context. I went out there to see Walter who’s not there anymore. That’s why I talked to her... You know what happened to that guy Walter?
Cindy: Yeah, you know what happened to that guy walter?
Dean: No, what happened to that guy Walter? You gotta do it like that?
Cindy: What do you expect?
Dean: What do you mean?
Cindy: They’re old! Do you want to live like that?
Dean: In that home?
Cindy: Yeah…
Dean: No I don’t... But I’m not getting old and he’s a dummy for dying.
Cindy: Walter’s a dummy for dying?
Dean: Yeah.
Cindy: What are you gonna do, wise guy?
Dean: Not do it... Are you gonna die?
Cindy: Definitely
Dean: Hmm? What’d you say?
Cindy: I said definitely.
Dean: Well with that kind of attitude you will. Don’t do it! It’s for suckers. Don’t do it.
Cindy: What are you gonna do?
Dean: Just not do it. I went out there to give him this. Isnt that nice? I found it.
Cindy: Is that him?
Dean: Yeah, and his lady. Isn’t he handsome?
Cindy: Look at her she’s so pretty.
Dean: So she’s probably nuts then... In my experience the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is. Which makes you insane... you’re probably nutty-coo-coo crazy... Its not your fault. Everybody treats you different. Like you make jokes and people laugh anyway even though they’re not funny. That’s gotta make you nuts.
Cindy: I like how you can compliment and insult someone at the same time. In equal measure.

Dean: What’s an insult about that?
Cindy: That I’m crazy and I’m not funny.
Dean: I don’t know if you’re not funny, tell me a joke.
Cindy: So there’s a child molester and a little boy walking into the woods. The child molester and the little boy keep walking further and further and its getting darker and darker and they’re going deeper and deeper into the woods and the little boy looks up at the child molester and he says: “gee mister I’m getting scared!”. And the child molester looks down at him and says: “you think you’re scared kid? I gotta walk outta here alone.
Cindy: You don’t think that’s funny?
Dean: No. I’m sorry.
Cindy: I do.

Blue Valentine (2010) by Derek Cianfrance

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